Photo Europe Days aims to bring the attention on the role of photography on different aspects of the European community. Photo Europe Days aims to connect photo event promoters with individual photo artists and with a wider audience. As it is a parallel event happening in different locations is Europe, the initiative also aim to connect these locations, artists and participants at local level and promote European photography to a wider audience.

The 2016 edition of the Photo Europe Days takes between 14-20 November. Photo Europe Days is organized by the newly created Photo Europe Network.

How can you be part of the PHOTO EUROPE DAYS as an event organizer?

If you have a proposal for any kind of photo related event, meeting, exhibitions during the period between 14-20 November 2016, and you would be like to be featured on the communication channels of the event and of the Photo Europe Network, click here Dead line 25 October 2016, 23.59 CEST.

How can you be part of the PHOTO EUROPE DAYS as an event promoter?

If you are a media company, blogger, professional network, and you would like to be featured as the promoter of this event, you can also access the website and register as a promoter.

What are the benefits of you taking part in the PHOTO EUROPE DAYS?

PHOTO EUROPE DAYS is a pilot initiative which aims to connect different actors of the photo industry. We believe photography can have a huge influence on all aspects of everyday life, all activity sectors. Hence we aim to build this concept on the open participation of event organisers, promoters, artists and other stakeholders.

You can be part of this journey from its start, and you can be one of its builders. You can reach a wider audience and you can attract interest for your future events also. Not the least, we would also like to offer you the chance of being part of the Photo Europe Network either as a member photo festival or as a professional partner for future initiatives and projects.

What are the key dates of the process?

1 to 25 October – submission of proposals by partners for the Photo Europe Days 27 October – public announcement of the Photo Europe Days programme 14-20 November – Photo Europe Days event
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